Phoenix Electric Corporation

·         Air Core Reactors

o   Current Limiting

o   Filter

o   Neutral Grounding

o   Transient Limiting

·         Switchgear Retrofits

·         Control Cabinets

·         CONNEX Cable Connectors

·         Fault Current Limiters      


Southern Electric Equipment Company

·         Substation and Transmission Switches

o   Side-Break

o   Vertical-Break

o   Center-Break

o   Center-Vee

o   Double End-Break

·         Interrupters

o   Vacuum Interrupters

o   High Velocity Whips

·         Motor Operators with Many Options Including Intelligence

·         Current and Voltage Sensors

·         Transmission Automation Products

·         Unitized 69 & 138kV switches



Grid Power Products

·       Automatic Connectors

·       Bolted Connectors

·       Deadend and Suspension Clamps                                                

·       Hardware

·       Insulators

·       Porcelain Cutouts

·       Surge Arresters

·       Fiberglass Guy Strain Insulators

·       Formed Wire Products

·       Helix Anchor Products